AHIRA Baby Care from NJ Nature is a nourishing and therapeutic cream made with natural oils and plants traditionally used in African and Asian cultures to strengthen and protect babies from the liver, and respiratory, and skin conditions. This lightweight cream can be used from birth to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy, and it’s suitable for all skin types. However, due to its powerful plant extracts, it’s recommended to reduce contact with the face and avoid use during pregnancy. With ingredients like baobab oil, eucalyptus, and neem, this baby care cream is perfect for supporting your baby’s immune system and protecting its delicate skin.

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    Mahira – Baby Care

    NJ Nature’s Baby Care MAHIRA is made with nourishing oils and plants known for their therapeutic, toning, and antiseptic properties used in traditional African and Asian cultures to strengthen and protect babies from liver, respiratory, and skin conditions. It’s a light cream that helps maintain the baby’s skin tone and softness from birth. It’s nourishing and moisturizing when applied to damp skin and suitable for all skin types.

    However, not all plants in the product are suitable for the delicate skin of the face. To avoid any aesthetic issues, it’s recommended to reduce the contact of the cream with the face. Also, since it contains coconut oil, which is not recommended for oily faces, it’s better to use baobab oil, sesame oil, or shea butter for the face. NJ Nature also offers a neutral moisturizing care product called TALLY, which is made with baobab oil.

    NJ Nature’s Baby Care MAHIRA is suitable for the whole family. It’s recommended for women who have just given birth, as they need immune support and skin repair. However, it’s not suitable for pregnant women due to the powerful antibiotics it contains, such as neem and castor oils.

    NJ Nature’s Baby Care MAHIRA helps boost the immunity of newborns and children, eliminates impurities from their bodies, fights external candidiasis, and protects their skin. It contains eucalyptus, which helps develop the bronchi and stimulate respiratory immunity, as well as sacred basil, which protects against many diseases and boosts general immunity.

    NJ Nature’s Baby Care MAHIRA contains baobab oil, which is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that deeply penetrate skin tissues, giving the skin unparalleled elasticity, just like sesame oil. It’s also rich in antioxidants and protects the baby’s skin, regardless of its nature.

    Neem oil stimulates overall immunity, especially hepatic, pulmonary, and cutaneous immunity. It’s antifungal and antibacterial, just like roasted palm kernel oil, and protects the baby’s skin and health from various aggressions while healing wounds.

    Use NJ Nature’s Baby Care MAHIRA from birth. It prevents and treats skin conditions as severe as scabies, ringworm, lice, eczema, and some psoriasis. It also heals wounds and abscesses. Consistent use of this cream yields positive results. Use it daily for the whole family.

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