PEYE toning care with fenugreek is a cream made from shea butter, fenugreek seeds, and vegetable oils. It enhances women’s curves and hair by developing the mammary gland, stimulating lactation, firming breasts, developing buttocks, and nourishing and detangling hair. It also has anti-stretch mark properties and is suitable for breastfeeding. Massage daily for best results.

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    Introducing OPEYE toning care with fenugreek from NJ Nature! This cream is made from shea butter and fenugreek seeds to give volume and tone to women’s curves and hair. It’s perfect for developing the mammary gland and breasts, stimulating lactation in nursing women, and firming the breasts. Not only that, but it also develops the buttocks, nourishes and detangles hair while giving it volume, and has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Plus, it has anti-stretch mark properties!


    Fenugreek has many therapeutic and dietary properties, and its cosmetic benefits are enhanced by combining it with other oils. This is why we’ve combined fenugreek with sesame oil and anti-stretch mark oils like shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and carrot oil. This ensures that our product not only has a volumizing effect on the breasts and buttocks but also helps prevent stretch marks.


    Our complete fenugreek care is different from fenugreek oil and is safe for breastfeeding because it’s made from first-choice food ingredients. The fenugreek seed particles in the cream can even be ingested without fear as they stimulate the baby’s appetite. Plus, in hot weather, the particles form a deposit at the bottom of the pot without changing the nature or quality of the cream.


    To use, simply massage your curves from bottom to top with OPEYE care daily. If you’re breastfeeding, repeat the process every 3 hours to relieve the stretched skin of the breasts. If your breasts become too swollen and painful, switch to MAHIRA baby care or MIRAÏ mother care. Just remember to clean your areolas with water and soap before feeding when using MAHIRA baby care.

    Weight 279 g


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