Jeda – The light treatment


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  • To brighten your complexion and repair sun damage to your skin.
  • To protect the newborn’s skin, eliminate body odor.
  • Protects the complexion from the darkening effect of bath herbal teas and heals wounds.
  • Use JEDA Light Care from birth as a nighttime body oil or bath oil.
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    Jeda the light treatment

    Sometimes it is necessary to balance the undertones of your skin tone. Exposure to the sun provides vitamin D with the body’s needs and some darker tones to the complexion. JEDA the illuminating antiseptic treatment by NJ Nature is made up of oils and plants which make the complexion radiant and protect the skin from skin conditions. It is very light and quickly penetrates the skin.

    Carrot evens skin tone and corrects skin imperfections. Baobab oil has anti-UV properties so it reduces the effects of the sun. It is also hydrating, nourishing, anti-wrinkle and anti stretch marks. Lemon and orange remove stains from the skin, illuminate and brighten the complexion. Turmeric inhibits the production of melanin therefore prevents the skin from darkening. This combination lightens the skin by one to three shades. It deeply hydrates and protects it.

    JEDA light care must be used at night and is suitable for the whole family from birth except for pregnant women. It can be applied all over the body. During the day, for the face, it is recommended to use either the MEGGY treatment, or the TALLY treatment, or plain shea butter in baobab, sesame and hemp oils. It is recommended to use the corresponding soap, KARIPALMA, which contains turmeric and nourishing and protective shea butter.

    JEDA the light treatment is also an antiseptic. It is made on an oil basis. So its greasy and therefore waterproof nature is already a barrier for germs. The baobab oil, which essentially composes it, is nourishing and regenerating. The carrot shares these properties which gives this treatment the power to repair damaged skin and heal wounds. Turmeric, lemon and orange are antiseptics, antibiotics, antifungals, antibacterials that keep germs at bay.

    So to protect the newborn’s skin, remove body odour, protect his complexion from the darkening effect of bath herbal teas, heal wounds, use JEDA light care from birth as a nighttime body oil or bath oil. In association with MAHIRA Babycare, KARIPALMA soap, and loofah sponge, it will give your baby a flawless complexion and skin.

    To brighten your complexion and repair sun damage to your skin, regenerate your skin overnight with JEDA light treatment,which contains photosensitive oils. It is not recommended to be exposed to the sun within 6 hours after applying it. It is recommended to use it at night and or in bath oil. That is, you add a dab of it after you soap your hands or your sponge to wash yourself. When you apply it as a body treatment, it leaves a yellow layer on your skin due to turmeric. It will leave stains on your sheets, pillowcases, and sleepwear which will wash off.

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