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NJ Nature: NATURE'S SOLUTION, a healthy life...

We're all about advice, food, cosmetics to maintain your being using natural methods and tips as much as possible and to reduce the use of chemicals and/or pollutants in our daily lives.

NJ Nature is a wellness line created to encourage the integration into our daily lives of the values of traditional societies, in particular that of Africa. We encourage a return to nature, traditional culture, healthy food, healthy, simple lifestyles, the enhancement of intangible wealth.

With this in mind, we provide dietary advice in the food, cosmetic, sexual and spiritual fields. massages, preparations, cooking workshops, seminars. We sell natural food supplements (Baobab, Honey, néré, chocolate etc), of cosmetics (soaps, creams based on vegetable oils, plants.)
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    Maison Prefet Tally N'dah-Sekou, Perma, Atakora, République du Bénin

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    +229 97 682 751